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OK Vein Specialists

Those Beautiful Legs:

Dr. Saundra Spruiell

Dr. Saundra Spruiell

Dr. Jim Melton

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Treating Painful Unsightly Veins
ok vein specialists

Venous insufficiency of the legs is a disorder hallmarked by venous valvular problems which allow venous blood to flow backwards down the leg forcing blood to abnormally pool.  Pooling causes veins which bulge, discolor and grow weak.  The result is a combination of leg vein disorders ranging from the serious – deep leg thrombosis where a dangerous blood clot forms in the lower (distal) deep leg veins threatening to dislodge and move to the heart or lungs - to the painful, varicose veins that are large bulgy veins that form as a result of poor blood flow - to the cosmetically unappealing, spider veins that are thread-like colored veins most often seen on the surface of the skin.

“Our patients primarily come in complaining of leg pain, swelling, visible discolored veins, a sense of leg heaviness and fatigue,” noted Dr. Saundra Spruiell, Oklahoma Vein Specialists Medical Director. “New treatments are giving us unprecedented success in treating these disorders when medically necessary and when cosmetically desired at a level of effectiveness previously unattainable.”

Radio Frequency Ablation, also called the Closure® Procedure, is a breakthrough procedure for Superficial Venous Reflux, a condition that develops when valves in the veins transporting blood out of the legs to the heart become damaged or diseased causing blood to pool in the legs. The blood flows toward the feet instead of flowing back to the heart in a disorder called reflux.

“Radio Frequency Ablation is a minimally invasive treatment using a thin catheter inserted in the vein to deliver a radio frequency energy burst to the vein wall causing it to heat, collapse and then seal shut,” said Dr. Jim Melton, Peripheral Vascular Surgery and General Surgery. “The procedure closes the diseased vein forcing other healthy veins to transport the blood from the patient’s legs without pain.”

The Closure®‚ procedure is one of the major procedures performed at the Oklahoma Vein Specialists located at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital. Oklahoma Vein Specialists (OVS) is the state’s premier center for diagnosing and treating diseases of the leg veins. OVS combines the surgical skills of Oklahoma’s largest group of cardiovascular specialists, Oklahoma Heart Hospital Physicians, with the innovation of the latest techniques in restoring the function and cosmetic appearance of legs disfigured by damaged veins.

“Many of the treatments we offer our patients are pe
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